The Rules

(Used with permission)

“Drink lots of water, take short showers and take your garbage home.”

Please read these rules as they are there to maintain the well-being and safety of everyone attending. Please take your garbage home.

1. All laws of Canada and the Province of Ontario apply to those attending the festival.
2. No illegal substances or firearms are allowed on site. Please take your garbage home.
3. Anyone putting others at risk of safety due to their actions will be asked to leave the festival.
4. There will be a Zero Tolerance of all unwanted aggressive and inappropriate sexual behaviour.
5. No underage drinking of alcohol is permitted. Please take your garbage home.
6. Parents are ultimately responsible for their underage children at all times.
7. It is not permitted to create any new firepits. No glass bottles around the firepits. Remember that the dancers may be barefoot. Please take your garbage home.
8. Boating is not permitted sailboat, sailboard or motor (Except dingy, personal flotation devices, life jackets)
9. Pyrotechnics of any kind are not permitted. Please take your garbage home.
10. Pets are not allowed on the site, with the exception of service/assistance animal and seeing eye dog.
11. You must have permission of everyone BEFORE taking photographs or videos.
12. You must use the butt cans if you smoke. Don’t expect a non-smoker to take care of your butt. Please take your garbage home.
13. There’s no Rule # 13
14. There is no bathing in the lake. Use of biodegradable soaps and shampoo are allowed in the showers.
15. Respect yourself and others.
16. Have fun! And please take your garbage home.
17. Remember there is limited hot water for showers. Etiquette: 5 minutes courtesy showers. Wet down, turn off water flow then suds up & shampoo. Once clean then rinse off and leave so the next person has hot water. Remember hot water is good. Please take your garbage home.



Welcome to a celebration of Music and Nature