Festival Crew

The 2017 Music in the Pines Crew :

Coordinator: Shelly Harris

ShellyI have spent the last 27 years as a member of the Canadian Armed Forces working in the tactical communications environment. Born and raised in Petitcodiac, New Brunswick, I come from a large family with 7 sisters and 3 brothers with myself at the bottom of the food chain. One of my fondest memories is looking back at the family gatherings where my mom and brothers would bring out the guitars and I would listen to them sing and play music. That atmosphere always brought us together with many laughs and loving hearts. These special moments are what created a sense of solidarity and a sense of home.

I first stumbled on Whispering Pines several years ago when my partner and I were establishing our own Grassroots Women’s Festival.  This magical space has become my home away from home that brings family and friends together.  The Pines have given me the opportunity to establish new friendships and has always made feel that I was a part of the family.  It is the place that keeps on giving.

As Coordinator, I hope to offer leadership and expertise. Sometimes people may downplay their weaknesses and focus on their strengths to impress new friends online or in person. However, I will tell you from the beginning my weakness is beer and my strength is having fun and making sure others are having fun.  I love music and animals, sports and I love promoting the equal rights for all. I am looking forward to this years event and to working with the other wonderful staff. I welcome the opportunity to meet new people but most of all, I look forward to adding to the overall Spirit of the festival and giving back the kindness and the generosity that “The Pines” has shown me. Let`s get this party started!


Registration/Hospitality: Veronica Sinclair

An interesting voyage since we last shared time together. I am formerly known as Fraser. My spiritual path has been varied but I am a witch.
I do have over 25 years in festival experience based in Registration. I love meeting people and welcoming them as guests to an event. I am terrible with names but recognize faces, I still think that mandatory name tags is not a bad idea.
I’ll sum up all of this by stating the following: I am one of the few people who actually walks my talk. I am what you meet. I am a real person walking a path that works for me. I love to sit and share a pot of tea where we can mutually share and enjoy.

Registration Assistant Coordinator

(To Be Announced)


Vendor Coordinator: Shantelle Watt

I am thrilled to be part of the staff at Music In the Pines: WHEEEEEE! Along with my love of laughter, I bring my passion for seeking joy, colour, and enthusiasm for life.

Nature is my church – the trees ground and centre me. Music, and the evening fire move me. Let’s get the Summer started!!


Art Gallery Coordinator: Eileen Garde



Assistant Art Gallery Coordinator:

(To Be Announced)


Faerie Tea Garden Coordinator:
Jessika Beaulieu-Martel


Hi! I’m 20 years old and I’ve been going to Music in the Pines since its beginning. I’m bilingual and currently working in a fish and reptile store. I have loads of experience with children, having been a babysitter since I was 8.

My job at this festival is to coordinate the wee fairies in the Fairy Tea Garden and make sure everyone is doing their job right, alongside my best friend Evelyne.  Feel free to come down and have a magical time with us!



Faerie Tea Garden Assistant Coordinator:
Evelyne Dubé


Hi, my name’s Evelyne but all my friends call me Evey. This year will be my 5th year as a faery in the Tea Garden, and my first year coordinating it!

I make sure all the little faeries on the field are doing their job just right and most important, having lots of fun! Come have a magical time with us at this year’s Faerie Tea Garden!


Medic Team

Head of Medic Team: Geneieve Ferris

My name is Geneieve and I’ve been a medic for 9 years. I’m from Dartmouth NS, and I chase after anything that is cute, fuzzy,  and smaller than me. I’m a retired Military Medic with 7 years of service, and prior to that I have 2 years as a primary care paramedic in Halifax.

I have two cats, Mr. Puss Puss (or Sour Puss because he is a grump) and Whiskey (who is my adorable powder puff) who I love to pieces. I like smiles, the wilderness, learning new things and meeting new friends. Have fun and be safe!

Medic Crew:

  • Justin
  • Rory
  • Robyn
  • Philippe


Webmaster: Jean-Marc Lavigne

c-MarkWendyMark has been our volunteer webmaster for the last few years and handles the technicalities of this website.  You may also see him at the festival flipping burgers and hotdogs.

By day, Mark is a database and web application programmer in the public service. His lovely partner Wendy practice energy healing (Reiki, IET, etc.)



Assistant WebMistress: Capucine Plourde

CapucineCapucine has a background of over 30 years experience as an illustrator, graphic & multimedia designer. She has had extensive training in the Creative & Fine Arts and has received a degree in Illustration & Design from Dawson College, as well as a background in Education with a specialty in the Teaching of Art from McGill University in Montreal.

She has also worked as a website designer since the early days of the internet (dating back to 1995), and is the both the Creative Director and Owner of her own company, Native Design Services. Capucine is also a renowned professional henna body artist, based out of Montreal.


Stage manager & Chief Sound Engineer: Dylan Lalonde

Dylan Lalonde

Dylan is a record producer, audio engineer, composer and musician from Ottawa, Ontario. He has been producing acts and cutting records in the Ottawa-Gatineau area for a decade. Over the last few years, Dylan has shaped the Hybrid recording studio and production firm Lydian Studios as the Director of Operations.

Primarily being an advocate for analogue production techniques utilized in the decades passed, he is also very savvy with digital technologies and is always striving to revolutionize recording with new technology whilst maintaining that classic sound achieved in hit records from the 60s and 70s.

When not in the studio on either side of the glass, Dylan is either out performing with various bands in Ottawa or managing live events. In this festival, Dylan will be managing the sound/lighting systems and the crew to make sure that the music side of the show is carried out as smoothly as possible. If you have any questions about the bands, want to request a song or have any other stage/music related questions, Dylan is your man to talk to.


Kidz program: Robyn Mulcahy

Robyn MulcahyI have 15 years experience working with children and a love of the outdoors. I have a diploma as a Child and Youth Worker and well as my Early Childhood Education.

I am currently a preschool teacher for a Reggio inspired school and will have the fabulous help of high school students earning their volunteer hours. I am looking forward to meeting you and your child (ren) and creating a welcoming space to create and discover!


Photographer: Eric Hannah


Security Team

Head of Security:

(To Be Announced)

Security Crew:

  • RoseAnn Garde
  • Philippe Beaulieu
  • Patrick Robert
  • Beth Lee Chong


Fireworks Coordinator

Rick_DhurRick Dhur, formerly of the Royal Canadian Artillery, will be commanding a crack group of fireworks wranglers for our Canada Day celebration.

Feel free to donate fireworks to this event for one and all to enjoy!

Rick asks that if you are bringing fireworks to add to the Fireworks Show on the beach, to please bring ‘mortars’ or ‘crowd pleasers’ (The multi shots in a box sort of fireworks) as the fewer fuses we have to manage the better the show.


Main Firekeeper: Justin Yatkowski


Justin Yatkowski is a really great guy but so shy, so we will have to give information about him. He’s a real outdoors man and loves nothing more than camping, summer or winter, often in Algonquin Park. Canoeing, portaging, fishing, you name it he does it.
You can always find him walking in the woods and getting ready for an outdoor adventure. He has a wonderful son who is following in his footsteps and always heading off on some outdoor activity.

Firekeeper Crew:

  • Roy
  • Jamie


Maintenance Coordinator: Patrick


Founding member of Music in The Pines, Whispering Pines permanent resident and Ghost (looks like he never sleeps), his task is to ensure that your experience at Whispering Pines Campground is one of the greatest experiences in your life.

Making sure that everything works, making sure that everything is clean, it’s his job. If something doesn’t work, if you have a question, if you need wood for your campsite or anything else, don’t be afraid to ask him.


 Maintenance Crew:

  • RoseAnn Garde


Graphic Arts/Translator:

(To Be Announced)



(To Be Announced)